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South Wood County Recreation Center is pleased to announce the upcoming P.O.W.E.R. SKATING HOCKEY CLINIC.   The schedule will include both on and off ice sessions for youth hockey players of all ages.  The on ice focus will consist of deep edge control, quick transitions, agility and balance drills as well as many other skating movements that are applicable to the game of hockey.  The off-ice portion will demonstrate dynamic warm-ups and provide examples of off-ice training drills that will compliment and improve a player’s on ice performance.

The instructor for these sessions is Marcie Kierpiec who is a Level 4 coach through USA Hockey with 31 years of coaching experience.  Marcie has vast experience working with hockey players of all ages within the state of Michigan and northern Wisconsin.  She is the lead skating instructor for the Michigan High School Hockey Excellence Program and the 14U HoneyBaked AAA team in Farmington Hills, MI.  In addition, she is also the off-ice strength coach for this team.  Marcie recently completed her degree in Exercise Science with a focus on Strength and Conditioning which included an internship last fall with USA Hockey’s National Team Development Program in Plymouth, MI.  While doing her internship, she worked with both the 18U and 17U teams during their off-ice training sessions, as well as, on ice with the 17U team by assisting their regular power skating instructor.


6U (gold)         8U (red)          10U (blue)       12U (purple)     14U/High School (green)      


Friday, March 10

4:30-5:00pm        8U   (Dynamic Warm-Up/Dryland)

5:30-6:20pm       8U  (On-ice Instruction)

6:20-6:30pm       8U/10U Free Time/Stick-Puck Time           

6:30-7:20pm       10U (On-ice Instruction)   

7:30-8:20pm       12U  (On-ice Instruction)    

8:20-8:30pm       12U /14U + High School Free Time/Stick-Puck Time

8:30-9:20pm       14U + High School  (On-ice Instruction)

Saturday, March 11                     

9:00-9:50am      8U  (On-ice Instruction)

9:50-10:40am    6U (On-ice Instruction)      

10:50-10:40am   10U (On-ice Instruction)

10:40-11:50am  10U Free Time/Stick-Puck Time                                                                  

12:10-12:50pm   10U (Dryland)

2:00-2:40pm       12U  (Dynamic Warm-Up/Dryland)

3:00-3:50pm        12U  (On-ice Instruction)

3:50-4:00pm        12U/14U + High School  Free Time/Stick-Puck Time

4:00-4:50pm        14U + High School    (On-ice Instruction)

5:15-6:15pm        14U + High School    (Dryland)     

Sunday, March 12

8:00-8:40am        10U   (Dynamic Warm-Up/Dryland)

9:00-9:50am        10U  (On-ice Instruction)                                                                           

9:50-10:00am     10U /8U Free Time/Stick-Puck Time

10:00-10:50am   8U (On-ice Instruction)                                                                   

11:15-11:45am   8U (Dryland)

12:00-12:40pm   12U  (Dynamic Warm-Up/Dryland)

1:00-1:50pm        12U  (On-ice Instruction)

1:50-2:00pm        12U/14U + High School  Free Time/Stick-Puck Time

2:00-2:50pm        14U + High School  (On-ice Instruction)

3:15-4:15pm        14U + High School  (Dryland)    



6U                                $15/skater

8U                                $55/skater

10U                              $65/skater

12U                              $65/skater

14U/High School         $75/skater      



MARCH 10-12, 2017



Player Name________________________________________________________________________


Level of play (circle one)    6U     8U     10U     12U      14U/High School   


Player Affiliation/Association___________________________________________________________


Parent/Guardian Name_________________________________________________________________________


Email: _____________________________________________ Phone: _____________________


Please fill out the above form completely and return to Marcie Kierpiec via email at   An email with confirmation of your registration and balance due will be sent to you upon receipt of this form.


The registration fee will be collected in the lobby of the rink before your session begins on Friday, March 10.  Fees must be paid before a player may take the ice.  Only cash or checks will be accepted.  Checks are to be made payable to Marcie Kierpiec.




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